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Dr.Naseem Mamdani

There exists no community on the earth which does not take care of the education of its future generations. Boys and Girls are sent to schools not only for learning languages and subjects like History, Science and Mathematics but also for development of body heart and spirit. Educational Institutions try to develop the young ones according to the ideals and objects of our culture and civilization. India being a land of love, peace, fraternity and variety of languages, dresses and religions; the same is reflected in its secular, multicultural fabric. Education and culture are inter-dependant as education is the best means for preservation, transmission and development of culture. Here the role of the teacher can not be under estimated.

While advancing in the 21st Century India needs such prospective teachers who are not only academically excellent but have a sound bearing of the challenges faced by our country and society. We need to develop a class of teachers who could integrate the people, develop in them a sense of true citizenship that could be the base of our democracy and thereby develop a sense of responsibility towards the community with a commitment to truth, honesty, love and brother-hood.

It is with these objects and ideals that the DSR College of Education, Aurangabad  is striving to provide good teachers to the society.

We welcome such students who have a confidence in themselves to stand for these ideals with a commitment to serve the society to the best of their ability with a sense of accountability.

Let us join hands in this cause of Education and development of the Society.

Dr. Naseem Mamdani


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