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 Our chairman's multidimensional personality was excellently proved many times as Dean of the Faculty of Education in the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University during 1996-1999. He is remembered for number of appreciable changes brought about in B.Ed. and M.Ed. examination system. Imaging innovating ideas and to execute them successfully in practice is not an easy task but our chairman materialized them at the time of World Conference. When the ideas of conducting the "World Conference on Teacher Education for Excellence" was put forth before his friends and colleagues, it was considered as to built castles in the air but he boldly taking all risks and overcoming all difficulties successfully organized this conference at Aurangabad in 1998 and set a new historic record in the field of teacher education. Obviously he was chairman of the conference. More than 350 delegates participated in this conference. Later on every one appreciated it because it was proved very beneficial to the B.Ed. Lecturers of Maharashtra

Dr. Shaikh Ramzan


          In the same way to meet the long standing demand of the Marathwada people to have at least one English Medium B.Ed. college for better future of their children, our chairman in the capacity of Dean of the Faculty of Education and Chairman of the Committee of University Master Plan made a special provision in the University Master Plan first time in the history of University, for one English Medium B.Ed. college at Aurangabad. Later on he established the Sufa Education and Welfare Society consisting of senior and experienced lecturers of B.Ed., M.Ed. colleges and Ph.D. guides. Therefore, it is popularly known as society "By the teachers, Of the teachers and for the teachers". It was a time when almost all the B.Ed. colleges in this region, this or that way, had concern of powerful politicians, leaders or Ministers. Even in this adverse situation he took constant pains and exerted hard

from 1996 to 2003 and lastly succeeded to establish DSR College of Education at Aurangabad, in English medium.

           He believes that this "Teacher's Society" will be able to set an excellent example of quality education for teacher-trainees in a better way than other societies. He spent his entire life in the teaching filed. He was lecturer of B.Ed. College for 30 years and M.Ed. College for 20 years. Many Students did Ph.D. in Education under his guidance. He was Ph.D. examiner at Nagpur University and Amravati University. As a principal of a noted B.Ed. college he introduced excellent ideas into practice and brought good results to the credit of his college.

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